German Palliative Care Foundation for children

In 2013, the founding donors and chairmen decided to create an individual separate association with the same values and aims just for children – including toddlers as well as teenagers.

Seeing a child getting severely ill, suffering and dying is the worst feeling in the world for his/her parents. Child and family both deserve to be helped with this burden and to be relieved from some of their worries in the best possible way. We provide support in order to make sure that every child with an incurable disease has the opportunity to be supplied in an adequate way and to spend their lives in an intimate and trusted environment until the end.

The foundation is a very important contact and reference partner for families in such a situation. We establish and fund projects to help these children directly, personally and individually.

Projects we have supported so far:

We supported the Dattelner Kinderschmerztage: This conference provides pediatrics, childhood health care professionals, psychologists and psychosocial staff with a comprehensive, scientific and practically oriented platform.

We are supporting the development of a bicycle trailer for a severely handicapped eleven-year-old boy by students at the university of Augsburg.

We paid for the train tickets a mother had to purchase to see her son who was in the hospital with a life-threatening situation.

We are supporting therapeutic measures for children and teenagers with parents suffering from cancer.

We are funding the "PalliMobil" for the childhood palliative care team South Hesse: The "PalliMobil" is a motor home used by the team to make house calls. Especially in rural areas the PalliMobil can serve as a welcome place of retreat for the team. The child´s family has the opportunity to have some time on their own, while the team is still close by.