Tasks of the foundation

On the whole, it is our aim to spread information about the hospice and palliative concept and to try to provide an access to palliative care for everyone.

According to our constitution the following list describes the purposes of our charity foundation:

(a) Communicating the aims of hospices and palliative care by public relation work and public events,

(b) Building up both outpatient and inpatient hospices in Germany through

  • networking existing suppliers
  • imutual support, help and information
  • encouraging project-based cooperation
  • palliative care counseling
  • development and operation of an information system dealing with topics connected to hospices and palliative care

(c)  Organizing and supporting education and training by arranging events like congresses and conventions

(d) Helping and aiding the ill and their loved ones by durch

  • providing help for "self-help"
  • supporting physicians, nurses and relatives in psychosocial care and treatment
  • supporting the incorporation of recovery facilities

(e) Funding and sponsoring scientific plans and projects in the hospice and palliative field